Schools across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole fully prepared to welcome back thousands of pupils

Posted on Wednesday 2 September 2020

All 96 schools in the BCP Council area will be opening their doors in the next few days to welcome back thousands of pupils to classroom learning.

Extensive preparations and planning have been underway for months to ensure the safety of all pupils, many of whom have not been back into school for more than five months.

Among the measures in place are bubbles, zoned spaces within school buildings, one way systems, additional canteen facilities, strict hygiene and handwashing facilities and staggered start and finish times. Additional measures are also in place to address specific needs.

Parents are also encouraged to prepare their child for school by explaining what they can expect at their individual school, reminding them of rules around social distancing and the importance of strict hygiene.

Councillor Sandra Moore, Portfolio Holder for Children and Families, said: “Our schools have been open throughout lockdown – we never closed but September marks a significant and very welcome step forward in being able to welcome back every child into the classroom again. Our schools have worked immensely hard with the council on the arrangements and teachers themselves are delighted to be able to have children and young people back once again.

“The risk of infection remains extremely low in Dorset and just as many families have felt confident to be able to enjoy outings, day trips and holidays throughout the summer, we encourage everyone to feel confident around the measures in place to protect their children in school.

“Children need to feel secure and protected and school is extremely important in a child’s life in providing a safe environment. Providing a nurturing environment, a high-quality education and great opportunities to grow are key to our brighter future priority. For so many reasons, including social and wellbeing, I am pleased that we have reached the stage where children can once again get the dedicated support they need in the familiarity and structure of being able to attend school.”