Public invited to share their views on extending the 20mph zone in Broadstone

BCP Council would like to hear the views of local people on a proposal to extend existing 20mph zones in Broadstone to create a safer, quieter neighbourhood for those living in and accessing the area.

An online consultation has been launched (Monday 11 January) on whether the existing 20mph zone in Broadstone should be extended to include Ridgeway, Tudor Road South, Macauley Road and parts of Dunyeats Road and Lower Blandford Road, plus a number of other residential roads in the local area.

The proposals have been developed in response to feedback from local ward councillors, residents and schools - of which there are three in the local area - regarding excessive vehicle speeds, poor parking behaviour and certain roads within the area being used as shortcuts. In particular, concerns have been raised about the Ridgeway road regularly being used as a ‘rat run’ to bypass the Broadstone Roundabout.

These safety concerns have been reinforced by speed surveys conducted in November 2020 which confirmed that several drivers were exceeding 30mph within the proposed area.

The council is also seeking opinions on two alternative options for changes to Tudor Road and Ridgeway to make these roads less inviting to through traffic and provide local people with an improved environment and better options for sustainable travel.

The following two options are being considered:

Option A: entry/exit restrictions

  • No Entry for motor vehicles to Tudor Road (south) from Dunyeats Road; and
  • No Exit for motor vehicles from Ridgeway to Dunyeats Road.

Option B: low traffic neighbourhood

This option would seek to create a low traffic neighbourhood: reducing traffic in a residential area and creating space where people can live, walk and cycle safely.

  • On Macauley Road: through motor traffic would be prevented from travelling beyond a point approximately half-way between the junctions of Kirkway/Tudor Road (south).
  • On Ridgeway: through motor traffic would be prevented from travelling beyond a point at the northern corner of the junction with Westheath Road.

The programme would use Department for Transport funding allocated as a Local Transport Plan Grant to implement schemes that align with the council’s Local Transport Plan and its objectives and priorities.

Cllr Mike Greene, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Sustainability, said:

“This consultation is a great opportunity for Broadstone’s residents, businesses and visitors to let us know what they think of our plans.

“These proposals address the concerns of local people, in particular those regarding the safety of local schoolchildren, while also contributing to BCP Council’s aim of creating vibrant communities with outstanding quality of life where everyone plays an active role. By introducing a lower speed limit and creating a safer neighbourhood for pedestrians and cyclists, we can create a better, quieter and more sustainable environment for many years to come.”

Ward councillor Cllr Vikki Slade said: “We have campaigned for more than a decade for the centre of Broadstone to benefit from a 20mph zone and we are pleased that the council is now ready to consult on this scheme which links with the existing school zone at Dunyeats Road.

“We are also aware of issues with rat-running so we welcome the chance to consult with residents about changes in the Ridgeway area to help local residents and encourage walking and cycling.”

Ward councillor Cllr Mike Brook added: “I am pleased that residents now have the opportunity to comment on the proposals for 20mph as well as on the possible schemes for the central part of Broadstone. Hopefully there will be support for the proposals so that we can move forward with improving the quality of the environment and making the area safer for everyone.”

Letters regarding the consultation have been sent to residents, businesses and organisations in the immediate area.

Further information on the proposals, including detailed maps of the different options, and an online survey to capture feedback can be found at

The consultation runs until Monday 22 February 2021.

Posted on Monday 11 January 2021