Preliminary improvement works to commence at Boundary Roundabout

Posted on Friday 24 January 2020

Works to prepare for future improvements at Boundary Roundabout are due to start week commencing Monday 27 January and last for 3-4 days. The improvements all form part of a wider scheme to create better transport links across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, and follow on from the work that has been taking place on Wallisdown Road since Autumn 2019.

The preliminary works involve the felling of several trees. The trees are being removed to enable the roundabout to be reduced in size, which form part of the future improvement plans. A tree replacement programme will ensure new trees are planted around the roundabout as part of the project.

The plans for Boundary Roundabout include:

  • Removing the existing roundabout and replacing it with a smaller one to reduce traffic speeds and improve safety
  • Installing Toucan Crossings on Wallisdown Road and Boundary Road near to the roundabout to provide safer controlled crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Installing combined footpaths/cycleways around the roundabout
  • Removing the existing pedestrian crossing on Talbot Avenue and replacing it with a toucan crossing closer to the roundabout
  • Widening the footpath on the north-side of Talbot Avenue to create a combined footpath/cycleway between Boundary and Talbot Roundabouts
  • Improving the existing footpath/cycleway on the south-side of Talbot Avenue

Councillor Andy Hadley, Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure commented:

“Our plans for Boundary Roundabout play a vital part in improving our local transport links across the three towns. This area is an accident blackspot, especially for collisions involving people on bikes. With over 24,000 vehicles using Wallisdown Road daily, the development will make this route safer and more viable for all road users, at an important location for a more accessible travel around our local area.

“I have been assured that the treework is essential, and that more trees of similar species will be planted to replace those being removed. Improving sustainable transport options at this key location is also part of our Climate Emergency commitments.

“We are aware there will be a disruption to residents and everyone who travels through this area while these preliminary improvements take place, and we want to thank everyone for their patience.”

Traffic management will be in place at Boundary Roundabout during off-peak times between 9.30am – 3.30pm while the tree removal works are taking place.