Plans agreed by Cabinet to deliver BCP Council's Corporate Strategy

Posted on Thursday 13 February 2020

‘Vibrant Communities with outstanding quality of life where everyone plays an active role.’

In November last year, BCP Council agreed and adopted its first Corporate Strategy. This strategy set out BCP Council’s vision, mission, ambition and priorities, and the values which underpin the way BCP Council develops and delivers its services.

Today saw the extensive and detailed delivery plans, which support this strategy, agreed by BCP Council’s Cabinet.

Cllr Vikki Slade, Leader of BCP Council, said: “Every member of our vibrant communities deserves a council that is every bit as accessible, available and easy-to-use as we expect in our digitally driven 21st century lives. Our Corporate Strategy, supported by such robust and detailed plans, ensures that we will meet our commitments.

“The creation of BCP Council was the most complex local government reorganisation seen in the country for 45 years, but we are now fully focused on the future and the opportunities we have as a new council. We have committed to harmonising service policies, finances and strategies by April 2021 and we will work diligently to achieve that ambition. That means rewriting every single one of our policies, but we will consult openly with residents on changes wherever we can.”

To deliver on the council’s commitments in the Corporate Strategy, BCP Council will take a more prominent place-shaping role by working with partners to deliver the maximum potential of the council’s communities and the place as a whole.