Planning underway for new and attractive event space in Lansdowne

Situated outside the Old Fire Station on Holdenhurst Road, plans are progressing for a new outdoor event space for residents, visitors and businesses to enjoy.

As part of the initial phase of its transformational vision for Lansdowne, BCP Council will be delivering a new and captivating public space that will encourage more people to spend time in the area, sit outside, host meetings, visit events and collaborate.

Currently subject to planning approval, this will include columned art installations in the heart of Lansdowne’s main business district around the Old Fire Station. The art installations will serve to provide lighting and sound for the area and alongside new outdoor street furniture, this will create a place where future events can take place. Detailed designs are being developed and have followed a cultural consultation with local residents held during this year’s Art by the Sea Festival.

Councillor Philip Broadhead, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Economy, said:

“Our long-term plans for Lansdowne are now starting to come to fruition – and this is one of the first steps.

The new, bold space around the Old Fire Station will invite people to stay in the area longer, meet friends and spend time with colleagues. We already have a dynamic and unique community in this area, and this new public square will help in encouraging people back into local businesses and becoming a springboard for future investments. This is just the first phase for delivering our transformational vision for Lansdowne – quite literally “watch this space”!’’

Works are scheduled to commence in early 2021 and will not require the closure of Holdenhurst Road. Some disruption however may be required to enable improvements to the public realm to be carried out.

The initial Lansdowne transformation delivery phase was approved in November 2020. Future works will include a new segregated cycle route, improvements to local bus routes and safer pedestrian crossing points. This will encourage more healthy, sustainable and safer journeys through the area.

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Posted on Tuesday 22 December 2020