A-Level Students in BCP Council area awarded their grades on National Results Day

Posted on Thursday 13 August 2020

A-Level students who have attended the schools and colleges in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole will receive their results today.

This year has been an unusual and challenging year for students in Year 13. They have worked hard throughout the past 2 years and we were looking forward to seeing some even better results than last year. However, due to Covid-19, A-Level grades have been assessed differently this year.

During May, each school was asked to estimate the grade that students would have achieved for every subject they were entered for. They used evidence of recent achievement, mock examination or coursework marks/grades and students were ranked in each subject. However, school-based assessment was only one element of the process. The remaining process of checking assessment and standardisation was then completed by the examination boards and the exam regulator, Ofqual.

In the last 24 hours the government has altered the process on the awarding of A-Level and other Level 3 qualifications. If students believe that they have been graded incorrectly, they can appeal for their mock examination result to be awarded instead. Alternatively, they can sit an examination in the Autumn Term. The process by which the changed system will operate will become clearer in the coming days. BCP Council would recommend that students discuss options with their home centre first which we know that many have scheduled to do already.

Councillor Sandra Moore, Portfolio Holder for Children and Families said:

“I would like to congratulate all students in the BCP Council area on their A Level results this year. I am aware of how hard Year 13 have worked and how disappointed they were not to be able to complete their courses in the usual way. Both the council and schools are very proud of the mature way pupils have reacted to those difficult circumstances and they can be assured that universities and employers regard 2020 grades as equal to any that have been awarded in the past.

The council would like to thank teachers and school and college leaders, who worked very hard to assess and rank your work fairly in all subjects; whilst looking after many key worker children and vulnerable pupils throughout lockdown.

Schools and providers worked hard to provide evidence of pupils’ achievement and the grade they should have attained to the awarding bodies. Ultimately the grades have been decided at a national level on a complex formula. Both council teams and schools and the college have colleagues standing by to support you and we are publishing all of the national and local support that is available.”

There will be students who have been awarded the grades they expected and need for their next steps locally, in an apprenticeship or away at university. Those who feel that they need support because grades are different to expectations or to schools’ predictions, should contact their home centre immediately, as they will be able to provide help and advice.

Most schools in the BCP Council area have offered opportunities for students to collect results in person or to have a 1:1 support meeting to discuss future options. The following organisations will be able to provide guidance and support.

Ansbury Guidance

National Careers Service

Flying Start Dorset