5G network planned for Lansdowne as part of Smart Place pilot

Posted on Friday 20 December 2019

Plans to run an exciting Smart Place pilot including a 5G network in Bournemouth have been approved by BCP Council’s Cabinet today (20 December).

Initially based in the Lansdowne the pilot will offer businesses and new start-ups the opportunity to develop 5G-enabled machines and applications.

BCP Council is trailblazing the scheme in the town which will provide a high-tech fibre optic testbed and increase wifi connectivity speed.

Councillor Vikki Slade, Leader of BCP Council, said; “We are incredibly excited to be pushing forward with the Smart Place pilot at Lansdowne. This will help us understand how 5G and other new technologies could help us improve public services and quality of life for residents.

“The Smart Place pilot is not just about faster data speeds through 5G. It will enable things and machines to connect to the internet and gives us the capacity in the network to do this.

“The opportunities that all this creates for our local communities and future generations will be dramatically transformative. From a social care perspective it will lead to the development of applications that will enable residents to lead longer and healthier lives at home leading to greater independence. In health, it will enable people to monitor and manage minor health conditions themselves. From a transport perspective it help us manage our traffic network more efficiently by spotting incidents earlier, re-directing traffic and reducing congestion.

“We already have a large digital and creative sector based at Lansdowne and this pilot will be a massive boost to what has already become a leading business district in the region.”

Funded by the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership the £1.3 million project is expected to attract further investment to the area and create around 200 new jobs in the first two years.

Work to design the Smart Place pilot will get underway next year.

For further information including the Cabinet report which details the public call for evidence on 5G can be found at www.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/5G.