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Bournemouth Tree Trail

A two-hour circular walk through the Lower, Central and Upper Gardens.

Some of the area’s most beautiful and interesting trees are in Bournemouth Gardens, within a short walk from the town centre and beaches.

This circular walk should take just over 2 hours on flat, tarmac pathways. Although you may choose to venture across the grass and down to the stream to look at the wildlife.

During your walk you’re sure to come across other tree species not marked on our trail. We have not marked every tree of beauty or interest on the map, just our own favourites that we want to share with you.

The views and sounds of wildlife on this walk will change with the seasons. The new shoots of spring change to full summer leaves, then the bright autumn colours give way to stark winter branches.

With the support of IDVerde and Park Cafes, we’ve produced a tree trail leaflet.

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