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With so many open spaces to look after, we rely to a large extent on the public to make us aware of any problems in our parks, gardens, play areas, skateparks and nature reserves.

So please let us know if you spot any issues with:

  • overhanging vegetation, invasive plants, shrubs, verges or hedges
  • trees presenting a danger due to breaks or storm damage
  • litter and litter bins
  • dog fouling
  • broken or damaged fences, gates or benches
  • graffiti
  • antisocial behaviour
  • unauthorised grazing
  • dangerous materials such as needles, syringes and glass.

High hedges

If you're involved in a dispute with another resident over a high hedge, you must first try and resolve the issue between you. Try talking or writing to the person responsible for the hedge or use a mediation service.

If you’ve tried all methods to resolve the dispute, you can complain to us. To do so, you must have evidence to show you’ve tried to address the problem in the last six months but have failed. This evidence could include records of letters, conversations and mediation.

We may decline to investigate a complaint if we feel you have not taken all reasonable steps to resolve the matter. There is a process to appeal against any of our decisions.

You will have to pay a fee for making a complaint.

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