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Disabled adaptations to your council home

If you have a disability, mobility problems or other impairments that make living difficult, we may be able to help make it easier for you to live independently.

We can install minor adaptations such as:

  • adding handrails for support
  • lever taps
  • fixing shower seats
  • banister handrails
  • conveniently located electrical sockets and intercoms
  • re-hanging of doors

Or you may need major adaptations such as:

  • making bathrooms accessible by fitting level-access showers or wet rooms
  • installing stairlifts or through floor lifts
  • kitchen alterations
  • ramps
  • increasing door widths and fitting ramps for disabled access

Adult Social Services or the Child Health and Disability team may also be able to install certain equipment (such as a bath lift) to help you with basic living tasks.

When adaptations may not be installed

We will need to determine whether the works are reasonable and practical and will consider the:

  • architectural and structural characteristics of the property and whether these make certain types of adaptation inappropriate
  • practicalities of carrying out adaptations to the property, such as structural or planning constraints, conservation considerations or locations that limits access
  • impact on other occupants of proposed work which might reduce or limit the existing facilities or amenities in the property.
  • If it is an exemption to the disabled adaptation policy

Our policy within Poole is not to complete adaptations in under or over occupied homes, or properties above ground floor not serviced by a passenger lift. This is currently being aligned for all properties managed by BCP Homes.

This is not a blanket policy and if there are exceptional circumstances that would prevent a move to a more suitable property, these will be considered.

If you have decided or been advised that moving to more suitable accommodation is the best solution, you need to apply on BCP Homechoice. You must provide identification and relevant supporting information so that you can be banded accordingly to bid for your new home. If you need help with registering, you can also email

Request an assessment

Any request for an adaptation needs to be assessed by an occupational therapist from social services. 

Adult social services helpdesk

Adult social services helpdesk can be contacted by:

Child health and disability helpdesk

Child health and disability helpdesk can be contacted by:

If you have already been assessed but you require minor adaptations such as lever taps or grab rails, you can self-refer without another assessment if you live in Poole by contacting the adaptation coordinator:

If you live in Bournemouth, email to let us know about your specific needs and to find out how we can help you.

You may also like to consider using the Lifeline service, which offers support to vulnerable people at home.

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