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Report a litter (rubbish) problem

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You can report a litter (rubbish) problem if it is on:

  • public land (such as the seafront, parks or playgrounds)
  • roads
  • pavements
  • cycle lanes

We can issue a fixed penalty notice (fine) to people who are caught littering.

How to report a litter problem

When reporting a litter problem to us you will need to tell us:

  • the location
  • any additional information that can help us locate the issue
  • your contact details if you want us to update you

You can also upload a picture of the litter.

How we deal with a litter problem

Once you've reported a litter problem to us we aim to review, and allocate to one of our cleansing teams as soon as possible.  

Some litter problems can take time to clear where the location is difficult to access such as:

  • banks
  • cliffs
  • within watercourses

Litter collection on high speed roads will only take place under lane closer or full road closure.

High speed road cleaning is scheduled twice per annum once in the Spring and again in the Autumn, or early Winter and often combined with grass cutting, sweeping and gully emptying. 

How you can help

You can help by putting your waste in a bin or taking it home.

If you have litter and the nearest bin happens to be full, please do not stack it on top or by the bin (where it might get blown around). Please take it to another bin with space or take it home with you.

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