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Appealing your Council Tax liability discount or exemption

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Tell us immediately if you think:

  • your home should not be charged Council Tax
  • the bills are being sent to the wrong person for your home
  • the amount being charged is wrong
  • we have not reduced your bill, even though a disabled person lives there

You cannot appeal just because you think your Council Tax bill is too expensive.

Contact the Valuation Office Agency to appeal against your Council Tax band.

How to appeal your bill

Email or write to us, saying why you think your bill is wrong.

We will decide whether the bill is either:

  • wrong, and send you a new one
  • right, and explain why

If we decide your bill is wrong, you must continue to pay the amounts listed in your original bill until the new bill arrives.

We have 2 months to reply.

If you disagree with our decision

If you think our decision is wrong, or you do not hear back within 2 months, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.

The Valuation Tribunal is independent of the Valuation Office Agency. It’s a free service, but you have to pay for your own costs.

You must appeal within:

  • 2 months of us telling you our decision
  • 4 months of you first writing to us (if you have not had a response)

You may be able to get the time limit extended if you cannot apply in time because of circumstances beyond your control.

If the tribunal agrees with you, we will update your bill and adjust your monthly payments.

Other organisations that can help you

Advice centres like the Citizens Advice and similar organisations can represent you and help you understand the reasons for decisions about Housing Benefit and Council Tax support. They may be able to help you to fill in forms or to write a letter.

Solicitors can also give you advice – you may be able to get this advice under the ‘Legal Advice and Assistance Scheme’. You can find out about this from a solicitor.

Make an appeal

Email or write to us to appeal your liability. Include as much detail as possible to help us fully assess your appeal.

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