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Community Asset Transfer

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A Community Asset Transfer is a process by which BCP Council can pass ownership of land, buildings, or structures – known as "assets" – to an independent group. This group would then manage the asset. Groups considered for transfer would be any based in and operating in the district, and may include:

  • community groups
  • voluntary groups
  • charities
  • faith-based organisations
  • town or parish councils

We might transfer an asset if it is no longer required to deliver our services, or if it is underperforming. We might also transfer an asset to a community group who already let the asset for their use.

Groups seeking a Community Asset Transfer can submit an application form to express interest. Once this application is approved, they can submit a full business case for the transfer. Finally, the group and BCP Council will agree to the terms of the transfer.

There is no standard timescale for the transfer process because each transfer is unique. We will keep the interested group up to date with expected timescales during the process, once we have received the application.

We recommend that groups read our full Community Asset Transfer Policy if they are interested in applying.

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