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Early Years training

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We provide training and support for childcarers and family hub staff.

Booking on a course

To see training and workshops and to request a place, please visit Skillgate online booking system.

if you have issues accessing the website, logging in or any other issues, please email

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) profile and personal emails

Your CPD profile details are used to enable you to book onto and attend CPD events. These details, especially your name, its correct spelling and your chosen personal email, need to be kept up to date and accurate because:

  • your profile email is used to confirm or deny your booking or to place you on a waiting list
  • your profile email allows you to receive course alerts as events are added
  • links to attend virtual events are sent to your profile email
  • your profile name will appear on your CPD attendance certificates.

Please note that your profile email is visible to other participants in virtual events. If your current email is not suitable, please amend it on CPD under my portfolio, change contact details.

If your CPD email is linked to a generic setting account rather than a personal email, please discuss with your setting.

CPD Leaders should ensure that their staff and establishments details are up to date. Please email with any start and leave dates of staff within the setting.

Local childcare and early years job vacancies

See childcare and early years job vacancies, or advertise your own job vacancies on childcare jobs Dorset and also updates on news related to early years and working in childcare.

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