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SkillGate terms and conditions for early years training

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BCP Council utilises SkillGate Ltd’s Learning Management System (LMS) as a platform for booking services, training opportunities, and events across the BCP area.

If you choose to use the booking platform, you need to provide a unique email, your name, and establishment name. By doing so, you grant consent to the BCP Council's Early Years service and SkillGate to store these details for future use.

If you used CPD Online previously, you provided the same details under the same consent rule. This data transferred to SkillGate's system to support continued use.

You can pursue continuous professional development through other organisations and request full deletion of your details from SkillGate Ltd.

Data is stored on SkillGate LMS, accessible only to BCP Council’s SkillGate administrators with varying permission levels to protect privacy.

SkillGate Ltd’s LMS terms and conditions are available on its webpage, while BCP Council’s privacy notice is accessible separately.

Booking and attendance policies

Bookings for BCP Council Early Years events must be made via SkillGate. Attendance is confirmed through an email from the course administrator.

Booking requests can be denied for various reasons, subject to review on an individual basis. A confirmed booking forms a contract between BCP Council's Early Years service and the purchaser, who is responsible for associated costs and charges


Substitutions are allowed in advance, but same-day substitutions are not possible. Substitutes must meet course criteria and complete pre-course requirements

Cancellations, charges and exemptions and charges

Cancellations must be made through SkillGate; late cancellation and non-attendance charges apply after the specified course close date. You may be exempt from late cancellation or non-attendance fees in some circumstances, subject to individual review and evidence

Non-payment sanctions

Non-payment may lead to exclusion from future training or events until the debt is settled. Sanctions can apply to all staff from the affected organisation.

General guidelines

Individuals represent their organisation during training, adhering to its policies and procedures. Dress code and behaviour should be considered during virtual events, as participants may be visible to others

Recorded workshops

Recorded workshops are available termly with no current charge. Participants must book through SkillGate to receive the recording link.

Cancellation by BCP Council's Early Years service

The service reserves the right to cancel any SkillGate event due to unavoidable factors. Efforts will be made to notify delegates in advance.

Complaints procedures

Complaints should be directed to Jackie Real, Early Years Workforce Development Lead, with further escalation following the BCP Council complaints policy if needed.

For any enquiries, please contact Jackie Real at 01202 127352 or

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