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Early Years training rules and guidelines

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If you attend a training event offered in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole by using the Skillgate platform, you need to follow the below rules and guidelines:

  • maintain confidentiality, especially in discussions involving sensitive scenarios; anonymise details such as names and personal identifiers
  • trainers are obligated to report any safeguarding concerns
  • virtual training may involve a virtual waiting room; the trainer will admit delegates when ready
  • be on time: latecomers may not be allowed to join and will need to rebook
  • dress appropriately: you may be asked to leave if you are wearing inappropriate clothes for the training, and you will have to rebook
  • minimise distractions: turn off devices during training. In virtual sessions, keep the camera on and be mindful of your background
  • If the trainer or the class has connectivity issues, the trainer will end the session and inform delegates of the next steps
  • in virtual training, enter the full name you use in your day to day so that the class can address you correctly
  • expect some conversation overlap: raise your hand, virtually or in person, when you want to speak
  • this is professional training; you may be removed from training if you disrupt the class with your behaviour. The WFD team will inform the appropriate manager if this happens
  • complete pre-course tasks: this may be workbooks or recordings and should be completed before attending the related session. You can email the course admin for materials if needed
  • if you need to step away, inform the trainer. If you leave and don't come back, you will have to rebook
  • participation is encouraged: if you are unsure or nervous about contributing, ask the trainer for support
  • provide feedback through evaluation forms: your input shapes future training events

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