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Support with becoming a supplier

We have created guides to help you through the process including how to:

Tendering online

The benefits of the tendering process include fairness, legality and transparency. The process is fully documented electronically, and the history can be scrutinised.

You must:

  • read all the information to ensure you meet all the requirements before filling in your response
  • make a note of key deadlines
  • use the online messaging facility if you have any queries about the process
  • ensure your response is submitted in on time - late responses are rarely accepted unless a technical fault can be proven
  • contact us well in advance of the deadline if you are having technical problems or are unable to submit your response electronically

Do not:

  • fill in the documents online - save them to your PC first
  • alter the original tender documents or any supplied pricing schedules
  • include publicity material in your response - unless you have been asked to

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