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Appeal a school transport decision

Right to appeal a school transport decision

You have the right of appeal against any decision we make in relation to transport for your child. Some examples of decisions you can appeal against are: 

  • refusal to provide transport assistance
  • transport arrangements which you feel are unsuitable for your child’s needs
  • transport arrangements which you feel you would be unable to access
  • asking you to pay a contribution towards the cost of your child’s transport
  • you disagree with the route that has been used to measure the route to your child’s school, or you think it is unsafe. Please remember that it is your legal responsibility to make sure your child is accompanied on the journey to school if you think this is necessary. 

The Appeals process

You have two opportunities to appeal.

Stage one

Your case is reviewed by the School Transport Awards Review Panel that usually meets every two weeks and consists of at least two senior officers from Children's Services.

Stage two

If at stage one your request is refused, you can make a further appeal to the Education Discretionary Awards Appeal Panel.

This panel consists of local councillors and is administered by Democratic Services.

If you request a stage two appeal, all previous correspondence relating to your case is automatically forwarded to this panel and you can provide any additional information or evidence you feel is appropriate.

How to appeal

To appeal against a transport related decision, you must complete and return the transport appeal form.

On the appeal form you can explain why you are asking for the decision to be reviewed.  

It is important you explain:

  • why you are unhappy with the decision
  • personal family circumstances you believe should be considered by the panel.

Supporting evidence

It is your responsibility to provide any supporting evidence as the review panel cannot obtain the information on your behalf.

Medical evidence

If your appeal relates to medical issues you need to provide suitable documentary evidence, for example: 

  • a recent letter from your doctor/consultant
  • social worker report
  • hospital/therapist report or similar. 

Your evidence must confirm the medical condition and the impact it has on you or your child, including any medication taken and how it affects you.

Your financial status

Evidence of low income or receipt of means tested benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Tax Credits
  • Income-based Employment and Support Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance.

If you provide copies of entitlement letters or award notices that are dated more than 3 months ago it is suggested that you also provide a bank or building society account statement dated within 3 months showing payments still being made.

This is not a complete list and you may submit any documents or supporting evidence that you feel are relevant to your situation.

Get in touch

If you need help with completing the appeal form or are unsure what information to include with your appeal, please email for further advice and assistance.