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ebooks and audiobooks

The shared ebook and audiobook service from LibrariesWest pools the resources of 8 local authorities in the southwest to provide a large and comprehensive range of titles from which to choose. 


Change of ebook provider from 16 August

From Monday 16 August the BCP libraries ebook service will be provided by BorrowBox. Cloud Library will no longer be available from this date.

As well as being able to access all the titles currently available through Cloud Library, our collection will increase by around 40 per cent, as we’ll be adding lots of new titles. 

How to read ebooks with BorrowBox

You’ll be able to use the same library membership number and PIN to log on to BorrowBox. If you currently use audio books, you’ll already be familiar with Borrow Box, but if not, download the free BorrowBox app.

Read more about the changes we're making from 16 August.

Create an account with LibrariesWest

To avoid any further disruption to your ebook account, we strongly recommend you create an online membership with LibrariesWest. When asked to choose a library please select 'Poole Central Library'. You can still keep your Bournemouth library card for borrowing physical items from libraries.  

Bournemouth Libraries has a collection of ebooks from BorrowBox that you can borrow and read for free. You can read ebooks on your device or directly online in a browser.


Listening to audiobooks with BorrowBox 

Via the app 

The BorrowBox app is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Kindle Fire. To listen to audiobooks:  

  • download the BorrowBox app from your app store 
  • select either BCP Bournemouth or BCP Christchurch and Poole 
  • enter your library membership number and PIN 
  • agree to the terms and conditions. 

Via the website 

To listen to audiobooks using the website:  

  • go to BorrowBox 
  • select either BCP Bournemouth or BCP Christchurch and Poole 
  • click the sign in button in the top right-hand corner 
  • enter your library membership number and PIN.  

If you’re using a Kindle Fire, go to the BorrowBox installation page.  

Please contact your local library if you’ve forgotten your PIN. 


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