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Register a death

How to register a death

We recommend that no funeral date is set until an appointment has been made with us.

Make an appointment

You can book your appointment to register a death online if the death occurred in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole. When you make the booking, you'll be able to choose whichever office is most convenient to you. 

Before you book, please make sure the Medical Cause of Death (MCCD) certificate has been sent to us by the GP or hospital.

We are unable to register a death until we get the MCCD from the GP or hospital. Unfortunately, if you book an appointment and we do not have the MCCD, we may have to cancel at short notice, even after you have arrived for your appointment.

Please note that we are unable to chase health services for the certificate.

Deaths referred to Coroner

If the doctor has referred the death to the Coroner, we are unable to register the death until the Coroner has issued the relevant paperwork. Please wait until a Coroner's Officer contacts you before booking an appointment.


If you are unable to book online, please contact us on the number below and a Registrar will call you back to book an appointment once the MCCD is received.

Who can register the death

A relative should register the death.

If a relative is unable to register the death, you can if you:

  • were there at the time of death
  • are a senior administrator from the hospital (if the person died in hospital)
  • are the manager of the care home where the person died
  • are the occupier of the building where the person died
  • are in charge of making funeral arrangements.

Documents needed

To ensure we have the correct information for your appointment we recommend, to bring the deceased’s:

  • passport
  • birth certificate
  • proof of address (e.g. utility bill)
  • medical card or NHS number
  • marriage or civil partnership certificate (if applicable)
  • Driving licence
  • Blue badge
  • National Insurance Number.

You will need to tell the registrar:

  • the person's full name at the time of death
  • any names previously used, eg maiden name
  • the person's date and place of birth
  • their last address
  • their occupation
  • the full name, date of birth and occupation of a surviving or late spouse or civil partner
  • whether they were getting a State Pension or any other benefits.

Tell Us Once service

Though the Tell Us Once service we can help you to report the death to both government and local council departments. 

At your appointment we will give you a unique reference number which you can use to notify the relevant organisations in one go online or by telephone.

You'll need the following details of the person who died:

  • date of birth
  • National Insurance number
  • driving licence number
  • vehicle registration number
  • passport number
  • death certificate

We may also need to know about:

  • any benefits or entitlements they were getting, for example State Pension
  • their next of kin
  • any surviving husband, wife or civil partner
  • the person or company dealing with their estate (property, belongings and money), known as their 'executor' or 'administrator'
  • any public sector or armed forces pension schemes they were getting or paying in to

You will need permission from the next of kin, the executor, the administrator or anyone who was claiming joint benefits or entitlements with the person who died, before you give their details.

Documents you'll get

The Certificate of Burial or Cremation (green form) will be sent directly to the funeral directors.

Death certificates cost £11 each and can be paid for during your appointment, you will be able to take them away with you.

Alternatively you can order them online.

If the death occurred outside of the BCP Council area

Please contact the registration service in the area where the death occurred.

Registrars: General enquiries and death registrations - Bournemouth and Christchurch
Registrars: General enquiries, citizenship and death registrations - Poole

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