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Joint statement from BCP Council and Parkstone Golf Club regarding Tree Replacement Notices on land at Parkstone Golf Club.

In 2017 Parkstone Golf Club applied for, and received, a felling licence from the Forestry Commission and in 2018 cut down a number of trees across the course.

The council advised there had been a breach in the normal council’s procedures, as some of the trees were subject to a tree preservation order.

In line with guidance from the Planning Inspectorate, BCP Council and Parkstone Golf Club and Natural England have worked together to reach an agreement.

This settlement secures the reinstatement of some trees and a commitment to working together on the future stewardship of the natural environment of the golf course.

The site is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, where the removal of trees can positively contribute to the delivery of the environmental objectives within the designation as an SSSI.

As part of the settlement, Parkstone Golf Club have agreed to plant 10 replacement trees, of which BCP and Natural England are in support. Tree planting will begin shortly.

Natural England, BCP Council and Parkstone Golf Club will work collaboratively to safeguard the entire course, for future generations. All parties take the protection of the natural environment very seriously and will be working in partnership to ensure this plan protects the heathland and its wildlife, the visual amenity to the public and effective tree management in future.

Natural regeneration has since taken place over the years and there are new trees over three-four metres high in place, which along with the replacement trees will see the restoration of the landscape in the relevant part of the golf course.

This is a complex case and this agreement reflects a balanced outcome in the interests of all parties.

The Planning Inspectorate has been advised that an agreement has been reached. In view of the agreement reached, the need for the planned public inquiry or other formal proceedings, no longer applies.

Nearby residents have also been advised of this decision.





Posted on Monday 28 February 2022