Bespoke carving to celebrate 100 years of council housing

Posted on Friday 15 November 2019

This year sees 100 years since the Housing and Town Planning Act 1919, later known as the ‘Addison Act’, launched the system of council housing nationwide.  Local authorities across the country are marking this in a variety of ways. 

BCP Council have taken the opportunity to create a unique piece of wooden art to mark the 100-year anniversary. A magnificent western redwood tree in the grounds of 1543-1545 Wimborne Road was facing removal as it had died and was causing safety concerns. The top section was removed, but the heart wood was found to be suitable for carving and the stump was earmarked for this special piece.

The main tree carving features historical local legend and famous resident Isaac Gulliver; a landowner and larger than life character from the Kinson area. The carving will be accompanied by an information board, which will sit just outside the communal grounds in which the carving stands.

This striking piece of art is a fitting celebration of the 100 years in which we have been providing council housing locally. Within the Bournemouth neighbourhoods of BCP Council, sturdy family homes had been completed for families in Southbourne, Winton and Kinson from around 1920 – just a year after the act was passed.