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What councillors do

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Councillors are elected to represent a number of local residents in an area called a ward.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council is made up of 76 councillors that represent 33 wards.

The role of a councillor centres around community leadership and engagement. Their responsibilities include:

  • as a body approve the Council’s key plans, policies and strategies as required by law and take decisions on such matters as must be reserved to the full Council by law or as provided for in this Constitution
  • oversee the Council’s strategic and corporate management
  • represent their communities and the views of their electorate in the decision-making process
  • support, as appropriate, individuals in their dealings with the Council and represent them in seeking to resolve particular concerns or grievances
  • balance the different interests of people within their ward with a view to representing their ward as a whole
  • participate, as appropriate, in the decision-making, and overview and scrutiny processes
  • maintain the highest standards of conduct and ethics and observe the Council’s Code of Conduct for Elected Councillors

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