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View your Council Tax online

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Bournemouth residents and landlords

Use OpenPortal to see your account information online.

You can access information about your:

  • Council Tax
  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Support

Your account information has details about the payments sent to you, when your next payment is due and what your rates are.


If we currently pay you Housing Benefit directly for your tenant/s you can view a summary of their award (not their personal financial circumstances) and a breakdown of recently issued payments. You can also see any Council Tax or Business rates accounts in your name.

If you had an OpenAccess account before, you can use the same login credentials.

View your account online

Login to view your account.

For your security, your initial password will be posted to you at the address we hold. If you had an OpenAccess account before, you can use the same login credentials.

Christchurch and Poole residents and landlords

First time users will need to register to view their Council Tax account or benefits claim details online. Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes. To register for Council Tax, you will need to follow the instructions for registration.

Use your online account to:

  • get your bills by email and to manage your account online
  • set up a Direct Debit
  • view your remaining balance
  • look at your payments
  • tell us you are moving home
  • apply for a Council Tax discount
  • see any Council Tax or Business Rates accounts in your name if you are a landlord

For Christchurch residents and landlords:

For Poole residents and landlords:

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