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We have a map of available commemorative seating. You can zoom into the detail on the map using your web browser's zoom function or mouse wheel.

Commemorative seats and benches are a gift to the local area that can be enjoyed and appreciated by our whole community. The benches are not always about remembering a loved one – many people also choose to commemorate events, friendships and pets.

Individuals, businesses, or other organisations such as charities are welcome to donate a commemorative bench.

The bench is a donation and property of BCP Council and is available for any visitors to use at any time.

Where you can have a bench

The location of commemorative benches depends on a few factors.

Sometimes benches in certain locations are not possible due to:

  • landscape designs
  • site management plans
  • access for emergency vehicles and machinery such as grass cutting
  • whether there are already too many benches in the area
  • the environment (erosion, flooding and protected species).

We do our very best to make your request happen. Although there may be a space where you would like your bench, we cannot always guarantee that your request will be approved.

There is not a waiting list for commemorative benches. Existing donors are always contacted when their agreement is due to renew. If they continue to renew and keep the bench you want, it may never become available.

Types of bench

When you get in touch, we discuss the different types of benches available and prices.

You cannot choose the style of bench yourself. All benches must be as stated in our terms and conditions which are in the application form we send you. This is to make sure that benches are matched to the landscape design and site management plan, fit for purpose as high-use public seating and safe and easy to maintain.

Bench installation

You cannot install the bench yourself, all benches must be installed by us. Any seating not installed with an active agreement will be removed.

Once approved and the payment has been received, we order and install the bench. Delivery of the bench usually takes about 8 to 10 weeks from the manufacturer. It then needs to be installed which may take another couple of weeks.


We have guidelines for what you can write as your commemoration on the plaque. It must be legal and non offensive. If you are a business, it must be in line with our advertising policy. The inscription you add to your agreement form will be the inscription we use on the plaque.

We reserve the right to vary any inscription as may be found necessary, or to refuse any inscription considered unsuitable.

Plaque installation

For plaques going onto a bench that is already installed, please allow 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of payment.

You cannot fix your own plaque to a bench. All plaques must be installed by us. Any plaque fixed to a bench with no active agreement will be removed.

Using the bench

We do not allow any alterations to the bench or area where your bench is installed, this includes permanent floral arrangements, candles or personal items. If these are found they will be removed. If you are leaving flowers to mark a birthday or anniversary, please remove them after 2 weeks.

The burial of ashes (cremated remains) is not permitted. Ashes can change the soil composition and be detrimental to the local environment.

You are welcome to clean your bench yourself with water and a cloth. We do not allow you to use chemicals, paint or varnish as this could cause damage.

Check our commemorative bench maintenance page for information about how benches are maintained.

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