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Taxi fares

Maximum fares and charges from 1 November 2022

Tariff 1 - day rate

Between 6:30am and midnight daily (initial charge £3).

£5.45 for the first mile and then £2.75 per mile. Waiting time 20p per 37 seconds.

Tariff 2 - night rate

Between midnight and 6:30am daily (initial charge £4).

£7.26 for the first mile then £3.67 per mile. Waiting time 25p per 38 seconds.

Tariff 3 - Christmas and New Year

Between 6:30pm on 24 December until 6:30am on 27 December and between 6:30pm on 31 December until 6:30am on 2 January (initial charge £4.50).

£8.16 for the first mile then £4.12 per mile. Waiting time 30p per 38 seconds.

Extra charges

Extra chargesTariff 1Tariff 2
For more than one passenger (2 children under 10 years old are counted as one person for charging, there is no charge for children under 3 years old)  20p 25p
For 5 or more passengers in a multi-vehicle seater vehicle  £1 £1.25
Booking fee for each pre-arranged hiring  £1  £1.25
For each item of luggage carried (excluding small hand luggage/carrier bags) and for each animal  20p  25p
Soiling the vehicle by person or animal  £75 £75

There are no extra charges for assistance dogs or wheelchairs or similar operated personal conveyances. The meter will not start until the wheelchair is loaded.


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