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If you see graffiti on council property, for example, bus stops, subways or road signs, report it to us so we can remove it. We take graffiti seriously and prosecute as many offenders as possible.

We are unable to clear graffiti from private property such as buildings, boundary walls and fence. This is the responsibility of the property owner. We are also unable to clear graffiti from utility company boxes, cabinets or privately owned items of street furniture such as post boxes or telephone boxes.

We prioritise removing offensive graffiti.

How to report graffiti

Please give us as much information as possible including the following:

  • where the graffiti is
  • if it is near a landmark
  • what the graffiti is
  • if the graffiti is abusive, offensive or racist
  • the surface it is on
  • the medium used (spray paint, marker, etc)
  • if you saw the person/people.

If you see someone graffitiing

Do not put yourself in danger. Observe from a distance rather than trying to engage. If possible, note down:

  • the day, date and time
  • what you saw
  • how many people carried out the vandalism
  • a description of the vandals
  • what they were doing
  • any vehicles involved (make, colour and registration number).

Please let us know if you’re prepared to help us to prosecute people who deface property by making a statement about the incident.