Wallisdown corridor improvements

The Wallisdown Corridor is currently the focus of a series of major infrastructure investment schemes. Together they will improve access along this key route, provide better transport links between our towns and support the growth of the local economy. They will also contribute towards reducing journey times and improving safety, whilst also providing a better public realm for residents and encouraging more people to travel sustainably.

Read the Wallisdown Road improvements summary survey report.

The following improvements have been completed so far;

Boundary Roundabout 

Works to the roundabout and approach roads were completed in Spring 2021. This scheme was developed to reduce collisions on the roundabout and enhance pedestrian and cycle facilities. These works included;

  • replacing the existing roundabout with a smaller one to reduce traffic speeds and improve safety,
  • new and widened footpaths/cycleways,
  • three new pedestrian/cyclist crossings,
  • improved bus stop facilities and streetlighting.

Landscaping works are ongoing in this area.

Wallisdown Road (University roundabout to crossroads)

The works from the Wallisdown roundabout to the University roundabout were completed in spring 2020. The scheme included new and improved bus layby facilities, a shared footway/cycleway, new and upgraded crossings as well as side road entry treatments to Alton Road and Talbot Drive. The final stage of the project involved full-depth reconstruction of the carriageway surface which was in a poor condition.

The first phase of works along Wallisdown Road on its western end are nearing completion. The final two phases planned to commence in early 2022.

Wallisdown Road West (phase 1 complete)

This scheme focuses on the western part of Wallisdown Road, between Mountbatten Arms roundabout and Bryant Road. The first phase of the works between Mountbatten Arms roundabout and Benbow Crescent is substantially complete. 

This has seen;

  • a two way cycleway constructed on both sides of the road
  • an additional toucan crossing has been installed next to Discovery Court.  the speed limit has been reduced to 30mph
  • the cycleway is scheduled to be coloured red next month
  • the carriageway resurfaced
  • landscaping works will take place in the Autumn (best time for tree installation)
  • Bus shelters are also being installed

Wallisdown Road West (phase 2 planned)

The second phase - Scott Road and Bryant Road will include;

  • Widening and resurfacing of the northern footway
  • a two-way cycle track on the southern side of the road to the junction with Sunnymoor Road
  • A shared path between Sunnymoor Road and Bryant Road (due to substantial trees that restrict the available width). 
  • a new controlled crossing between Astbury Avenue and Sunnymoor Road.
  • the existing controlled crossing at Sunnymoor Road relocated

It is anticipated that the works will take 6 months to complete

The final phase of the works (between Benbow Crescent and Scott Road) is likely to commence in late 2022 and involves.

  • the controlled crossing and reposition the existing crossing at Canford Avenue
  • a two way cycletrack on both sides of the road
  • landscaping works

The Wallisdown West improvements support BCP Council’s priorities for a greener and more sustainable environment. The improvements will encourage more people to choose healthier and more environmentally friendly travel options, by improving accessibility and safety.

You can see representations of the planned improvements in our visual exhibition.

Wallisdown Road (East) 

Plans for this phase are currently being developed for the area from Boundary Roundabout to University Roundabout. This phase is to include new cycle and pedestrian facilities linking the existing facilities on Wallisdown Road and Boundary Roundabout together.

Wallisdown Crossroads

Plans for this phase are in early development and will aim to continue the improved provisions along Wallisdown Road.


We are carrying out these improvements with additional government funding from the Local Transport Plan (LTP) capital programme, the National Productivity Investment Fund, Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership’s Growth Deal Fund and the Transforming Cities Fund.

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