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Postal numbers, property names and street names

A new development should always have a house number and street name. We maintain and register street names and postal numbers as covered by the Public Health Act of 1925.

Get a postal number for a new development

Submit the Street Naming and Numbering Form by clicking on the Apply button. You also need to send us a copy of the site plan and the relevant fee.

Scale of Charges from 1st October 2015
 Category Charge (incl. VAT)
Property Renumbering  £70
Conversion or new development 1 Plot  £65
Conversion or new development 2-5 Plots  £125
Conversion or new development 6-10 Plots  £250
Conversion or new development 11-25 Plots £400
Conversion or new development 26-75 Plots  £610
Development 76 + Plots £850
Changes to Development Schedule of addresses after agreement and Notification  £50 per dwelling

New road name or existing road name change

Residents’ request to change road name 


£220 +£20 per dwelling

Confirmation of address  No Charge 
Annual fee to utilities/other services for weekly update of  list outlining agreed address changes  £550

Request a postcode

The Royal Mail issues postcodes, but they can’t allocate a postcode without official notification from us first.

Large businesses can apply directly to Royal Mail for a large user code. If you expect a large amount of mail, you need to inform them first. Get in in touch with the Royal Mail if this applies to you.

You can find postcodes on the Royal Mail Website

You can change the name of your property but please note that:

  • only the owner of the property can ask to change their house name.
  • you need to make sure that no property in the same area has a similar name.
  • we can’t change a house name while a property is being purchased, only once contracts have been exchanged.
  • house names do not replace house numbers.

Change the name of your street

In certain circumstances, we can change a street name but only if all residents agree. We consult the emergency services, Royal Mail, ward Councillors and the general public before making a decision.

Street Nameplates

When a road is built it is the developer’s responsibility, as part of a new development, to arrange for a street nameplate to be installed to the appropriate specification.

We take over responsibility for nameplate maintenance once the street has been adopted by us.

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