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Electric vehicle charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

BCP Council is keen to encourage the installation of more EV charging infrastructure across the conurbation, particularly as we move towards the Government’s target of stopping the sale of petrol and diesel powered vehicles by 2030.

List of active BCP Council / Joju EV Charger Locations  (other commercial locations are available)


    • Bath Road South, Bournemouth
    • Beacon Road, Boscombe
    • Bournemouth University
    • Christchurch Road, Bournemouth
    • Durley Chine, Bournemouth
    • Glen Fern car park, Bournemouth
    • Hawkwood Road Car Park, Bournemouth
    • Kings Park
    • Madeira Road MSCP, Bournemouth
    • Overstrand car park, Boscombe
    • Pound Lane Car Park, Kinson
    • Poole Road, Westbourne
    • Richmond Gardens MSCP, Bournemouth
    • Richmond Hill Surface Car Park, Bournemouth
    • Warren Edge 
    • West Hill car park, Bournemouth


    • Avon Run Road
    • Saxon Square MSCP, Christchurch
    • Wick Lane
    • Warren Edge, Mudeford


    • Branksome Chine
    • Jubilee Rd Car Park, Poole (replacing Ashley Road)
    • Lake Pier car park, Rockley
    • Municipal Road (replacing Poole Civic Centre)
    • Old Orchard, Poole
    • Seldown Lane, Poole
    • Serpentine Lane car park, Poole 

Latest News: 

The first tranche of BCP Council’s new EV chargers have now been installed. 16 all new Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs) have been installed in BCP Council car parks across the region and are available for use.

These EVCPs are the first of 130 new charge points due to be installed over the coming year, which will be a mix of fast and rapid chargers. These are in addition to BCP Council’s 12 existing rapid chargers, which were recently upgraded.

The 16 new charge points are spread across the following locations:

    • Lake Pier car park, Rockley
    • Serpentine Lane car park, Poole
    • Glen Fern car park, Bournemouth
    • West Hill car park, Bournemouth
    • Richmond Hill Surface Car Park, Bournemouth
    • Overstrand car park, Boscombe

Existing Charger Units Refresh

Work was recently completed on the improvement and upgrading of 12 EVCPs across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole as part of BCP Council’s Transforming Travel programme.

The chargers have been upgraded to new rapid chargers as a result of a self-financing supply agreement between BCP Council and Joju Charging.  The agreement also covers the regular maintenance and repair of the units so as to keep them at peak performance.

Users will be able to pay via the Mer app - downloadable onto smart phones as well as through various roaming partners such as Zap Pay, or in the case of rapid chargers, you can pay by a contactless bank card reader on the charger itself.

Future Strategy

The provision of EV charging infrastructure is a strategic issue for BCP Council and the Transforming Travel programme will be looking at how best to meet the future needs of south east Dorset and to speed up the installation of new charging facilities across the conurbation.  This will include working with private sector providers so as to ensure there are sufficient numbers of charging points available as the number of EVs on our roads grow.  The Council will be looking to roll out these plans over the next 3 years.

We are in the process of expanding our network to more BCP car parks. We plan to install chargers in the following locations in the coming year (2023/4). This list may be subject to change.


    • Bath Road South Car Park
    • Beacon Road Car Park
    • Durley Chine Car Park
    • Hengistbury Head Car Park
    • Kings Park Car Park
    • Leslie Road Car Park
    • Littledown Leisure Centre Car Park
    • Milburn Road Car Park
    • Pavilion & Westover Gardens Car Park
    • Warren Edge Car Park


    • Avon Run Road Car Park
    • Bridge Street Car Park
    • Bypass Car Park
    • Highcliffe Cliff Top Car Park
    • Mudeford Quay Car Park
    • Priory Car Park
    • Wick Lane Car Park
    • Willow Way Car Park
    • Wortley Road Car Park


    • Branksome Chine Car Park
    • Branksome Dene Chine Car Park
    • Sandbanks Car Park
    • Shoppers 1&2 MSCP
    • Station Approach Car Park
    • Story Lane Car Park
    • Swimming Pool Car Park

Charging times and tariffs

BCP Rapid chargers can charge your car within 40 minutes and cost 72p per Kwh.

BCP Fast chargers can charge your car within  4 hours and cost 56p per Kwh.

Parking in a BCP EVCP bay

If you use an EVCP in a BCP Council car park, you will need to pay any parking fees in place as well as the charging tariff. You’ll also need to adhere to any other parking restrictions in place. 

You can only park in EVCP charging bays if your vehicle is actively being charged, so please disconnect and vacate the bay as soon as possible after you have finished charging so others can use it.

Problems with a charger?  

If you are experiencing an issue with a Mer charge point, please contact them 24/7 on 020 3884 2768.

For non-urgent enquiries, email

Request a charger

If you live in an area without off-street parking and would like an electric vehicle charger near you, please email, and we’ll consider the location for the next phase of network expansion.

Other networks

If you have a contactless bank card, you can use any of our charge points, but if you want to find a charge point closer to you, you can always check ZapMap to find all publicly available chargers in the BCP area.


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