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Hedgerows regulations

Information as to how we can help protect important hedgerows.

If you want to remove any part of a hedge that's protected by the Hedgerow Regulations you need to send us a Hedgerow Removal Notice six weeks before you plan to do the work.

If we send you a Hedgerow Retention Notice you cannot remove the hedge. You can appeal against our decision but you can't do any work on the hedge until you have our permission.

If you haven't heard back from us six weeks after sending us a Hedgerow Removal Notice you may go ahead.

A hedge is protected if it's either 20m or more in length, or less than 20m in length and joins another hedge at both ends, and it is on or next to:

  • land used for agriculture or forestry
  • land used for keeping horses, ponies or donkeys
  • common land
  • a village green
  • a site of special scientific interest (SSSI)
  • a local nature reserve (LNR).

A hedge isn't protected if it's within, or marks the boundary of, a domestic dwelling.

Sometimes you don’t need permission to remove a protected hedge. You can find out more in section 6 of the Hedgerow Regulations.


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