Monitoring and information

It is important to track progress with the implementation of planning policies to understand if the policy outcomes are being achieved. This information is referred to as the Authority Monitoring Report (AMR). We have the AMR for the Bournemouth area from 2017/18 but are currently updating this as well as preparing AMRs for the Christchurch and Poole areas.

The status of homes with planning permission on 1 April 2020 can be viewed on our interactive map. Use the filter command in the bottom right of the map to select completions, under construction or not started.

Below you can find some of the more recent monitoring data:

Housing completions

In 2019/20 there were 1,703 completions. Below you can see how these are split by area:

Housing completions
 Local Plan Area Net housing completions
 Bournemouth 796 
 Christchurch 273 
 Poole 634 
 Total 1,703 

The Government annually publishes the housing delivery test that sets out how we compare against housing targets over the previous 3 years. The requirements are set out in the National Planning Policy Framework. The 2020 housing delivery test results show that the housing completions in the:

  • Bournemouth Local Plan area are 75% of the target - as this is under 100% we are required to prepare a Housing Action Plan and as it also falls below the 85% threshold we have to apply a 20% buffer to the 5 year land supply
  • Christchurch Local Plan area are 91% of the target - as this is under 100% we are required to prepare a Housing Action Plan
  • Poole Local Plan area are 73% of the target – as this is under the 75% threshold, the presumption in favour of sustainable development applies.

Housing land supply

In April 2020 there were 6,771 homes (net) with planning permission but not yet built. Below you can see how these are split by area:

Housing land supply
 Local Plan area Homes with planning permission (net) Homes under construction (gross)Homes not started (gross)Loss of homes and demolitions (gross)
 Bournemouth 2,442  633  1,948  -139
 Christchurch 1,264  170   1,135 -41
 Poole 3,065  1,281  2,022  -238
 Total 6,771  2,084  5,105 -418

We are required to maintain a 5 year supply of housing sites. We have chosen to continue to calculate the 5 year supply separately for the three local plan areas of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole until the BCP Local plan is adopted. We will provide updated 5 year land supply positions later in 2021. Below you can view the last published versions of the 5 year land supply (April 2019), including the number of years of housing supply that we can demonstrate:

For the Bournemouth and Poole areas the documents above provide an update to Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). For the Christchurch area the SHLAA methodology is set out in the 2017 SHLAA report and the sites on a 2019 SHLAA interactive map. Please note that the supply figures in the 2017 SHLAA report are now superseded.

Infrastructure funding statement

Each year we will produce an Infrastructure Funding Statement to demonstrate how what planning obligations (i.e. Section 106 Agreements) and Community Infrastructure Levy we have secured from developers and how we have spent it on infrastructure. This includes the funds available to local communities through the CIL Neighbourhood portion and how it is being spent. 


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