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Neighbourhood portion

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Neighbourhood Portion is a fund generated from new housing developments for reinvestment back into improving local community facilities.

We have completed two rounds of allocating monies to projects with nearly £700,000 awarded to over 60 projects across Bournemouth and Poole through this fund. Round 3 is now open and we are inviting residents, businesses and community groups to submit bids for local projects which will improve, benefit and shape the development of their community for the future.

Below you can find details for each round, as well as lists of project each round has funded::


Across Bournemouth and Poole 15% of all CIL receipts are allocated to the ward where development has taken place and made available for spending on local projects. This increases to 25% for designated neighbourhood forums where there is a neighbourhood plan in place. Projects that are located within a neighbourhood forum area with an adopted neighbourhood plan should approach the relevant neighbourhood forum for funding as opposed to bidding through this process. The neighbourhood forums with adopted neighbourhood plans are:

Similarly, neighbourhood portion funds generated in areas covered by village, town or parish Council’s will have monies passed directly to the respective Council’s for spending. Projects that are located within these Council areas should approach the relevant Council’s for funding as opposed to bidding through this process. Within the BCP area, these are:

You can view how the neighbourhood portion was spent and allocated during 2019/20.