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Local Land Charges in Poole

A Local Land Charge Search is a search of the information contained on the Local Land Charges Register and the Register of Common Land, Towns and Village Greens. These registers are maintained by our Local Land Charges team within legal services.

The Land Charges Statement is available to download.

Coronavirus (Covid-19): change to service

Following the recent Government updates please be advised that from Monday 23 March the Local Land Charges Team would be able to temporarily accept and return personal search requests by email. 

If you wish to use this temporary service please email your personal search request to: 

Please include the following information in your email: 

  • the name of the company/searcher
  • the full address including the post code of the property to be searched
  • a plan with the property to be searched clearly outlined in red

We will be processing official and personal search requests in order of receipt, and aim to return all searches within 10 working days. This turnaround time is for guidance and is subject to change if the resources available to the Local Land Charges Team are affected further due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The information provided will be copied as is from the personal search terminal within the Poole Civic Centre Office. The Planning information is available from the planning portal.

You will need to contact the individual departments for advice on their data availability during this time for the CON29 information.

Why you may need to carry out a local land charge search

When buying property or land, a Local Land Charges search should be carried out to identify any legal restrictions that might be attached to the property or land. If restrictions do exist, the next owner or occupier will be bound by them.

Examples of such restrictions are:

  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • planning conditions
  • compulsory purchase orders

Submitting a search

When you request a full local search, you’ll need to include a plan of the property and the following forms:

  • LLC1 - provides entries from the Local Land Charges register
  • Con 29 - provides additional information on the property
  • Con 29O – if optional questions are required

You can send your search request to us online or by post.


Please send the relevant LLC/Con 29 forms and a plan of the property to

Payment can be made by debit/credit card - please use our online service to make a payment.


Please send the relevant LLC/Con29 forms and a plan of the property to the address below:

Local Land Charges 
BCP Council,
Civic Centre,
Bourne Avenue,
Bournemouth, Dorset,

Please make payment by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to BCP Council.  

Cost of searches from 1 April 2022

 Type of application Net fee VAT Total fee
 LLC1 only £30.00  £0 £30.00
 CON29 only £85.00 £17.00 £102.00
 Full search (both of the above)     £132.00
CON29 optional enquiries (per question) £20.00 £4.00 £24.00
 Extra parcel(s) of land - LLC1  £5  £0  £5
 Extra parcel(s) of land - CON29 £15.00 £3.00 £18.00
 Extra parcel(s) of land LLC1 and CCON29     £23.00

Personal searches

The Local Land Charges Register is available for free public inspection via a dedicated PC terminal on the second floor of Poole Civic Centre in the Planning Reception. There are full instructions for the use of the system available next to the PC. 

Some Building Consultancy and Competent Persons data is also available on the terminal for free public inspection. If you require information from Departments other than those listed above please contact the relevant Department direct.   

In order to allow open access there is not an appointment system in place.


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