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Local Land Charges in Christchurch

When you buy a property or piece of land, it is important that a local land charges search is carried out to make sure that there are no issues affecting the land or property.

A local land charge can be a financial claim, restriction, decision or information which may affect a particular property or area of land i.e. planning decisions, financial amounts owed.

We maintain a statutory register of local land charges. We update it daily to make sure the information given to conveyancers is accurate.

A full search is made up of two parts LLC1 and CON29

LLC1 – contains the registerable charges

CON29 – contains information about road schemes, planning and building control history as well as any legal notices that may affect the property.

Solicitors would normally contact us to carry out the search and we will collect the information together from different departments and bring it together into one search. 

Submit a search

You can register to use our online local land charge service free of charge. If you use our service you just pay for searches that you submit at the cost shown on the fees table.

Alternatively you can post LLC1 and CON 29 to us.

We are connected to the National Land Information Service (NLIS) at level 3.

We do not provide an expedited service. Searches are always returned at the earliest opportunity.

Local land charge fees - Christchurch

2023/24 search fees
Type of applicationNet feeVATTotal fee
LLC1 only £25 £0 £25
CON29  £100 £20 £120
LLC1 and CON29     £145
CON29 optional enquiries (per question)  £22.50  £4.50 £27
Solicitors own written enquiries (per question) £27.50 £5.50 £33
Extra parcel(s) of land - LLC1 £6 £0 £6
Extra parcel(s) of land - CON29  £17.50 £3.50 £21
Extra parcel(s) of land LLC1 and CCON29     £27
 Personal search Personal searches are undertaken under the Environmental Information Regulations and therefore no fee applies   

Personal searches

Inspection of the register

The local land charges register is held on computer and searchers are able to view a printout of any entries free of charge.

All requests for personal searches on properties should be emailed to us.

The e-mail should include the following:

  1. the name of the company/searcher
  2. the full address including the post code of the property to be searched
  3. every request should be supported by a plan with the property to be searched clearly outlined in red

All requests for information, (whether as a personal or official search), will be dealt with in order of receipt.

When your search result is available, the local land charges team will advise you by e-mail that it is available to view in the Christchurch HUB reception area.

We do not provide information about:

  • drainage
  • highways
  • property ownership
  • building control matters
  • environmental health issues.

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