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Hatchards Field Play Area

A fenced play area with sensory shrub planting, mounds and landscaping. 

Play equipment 

The play area has: 

  • rotating seesaw 
  • junior and cradle swings 
  • wheelchair-accessible seesaw 
  • wheelchair-accessible trampoline 
  • waltzer roundabout 
  • two low-level musical orbs 
  • cone climber 
  • monkey bars and somersault bars 
  • ark swinger 
  • seating.  

There’s a fenced multiuse games area in the field next to the play area with: 

  • markings for various ball games 
  • goals 
  • basketball hoops.  


Rossmore Road or the footpath from Herbert Avenue, BH12 2EZ. 


There’s limited parking on roads nearby. 


Dogs are not allowed in this play area.