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Report tree issues

Use this service to report:

  • dead wood
  • fungi growth
  • tree/branch down on council owned land (not affecting access or emergency)
  • tree leaning (not urgent or an emergency)
  • tree obscuring traffic lights or signs
  • vandalism to a tree (not happening now)
  • a request for work to be done to a council tree.

Do not use this service:

  • as a tenant to a private landlord, agent or housing partnership - instead, report these to the owners of the property or the partnership
  • to report issue with trees or branches impacting railway lines, instead contact Network Rail: telephone 03457 114 141
  • to report an issue with trees or branches impacting electricity cables, instead contact SSE: call 0800 052 0400 or email

For full details of the types of work we will and will not consider, read how we manage and maintain the trees we own.

You need to tell us:

  • the issue with the tree
  • location of the tree.

You can also upload a picture of the issue.

If the tree is in a dangerous condition, please call us on:

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