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Environmental crime

Environmental crime covers a wide range of anti-social activities that affect our streets and public highways from dropping a sweet wrapper on the floor to committing blatant acts of vandalism. Environmental crime can affect a person's quality of life and indirectly increases fear of crime.

Tackling environmental crime

Efforts to tackle environmental crime send a message to a community that things can change for the better, thus encouraging a feeling that the local area is a place to be proud of. Nuisance behaviour, for example, becomes more conspicuous and therefore more unacceptable. As a result, victims and witnesses are more likely to take a stand against anti-social behaviour. Tackling environmental crime therefore goes beyond keeping streets clean, it is a vital part of building community confidence.

Fixed penalty notices (FPN)

Fixed penalty notices can be issued for littering (including cigarette butts, chewing gum and discarding items from a car), graffiti, fly posting, non-authorised distribution of free literature (such as flyers) and commercial companies not having contracts to dispose of waste or transporting it without the correct licence.

Contact Environmental Health 

Telephone: 01202 123 789.