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Voting from abroad

How you vote when you’re abroad depends on:

  • whether you’ll be abroad temporarily or living abroad
  • where you want to vote.

We strongly advise that you appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf instead of a postal vote. 

Due to the election timetable, postal packs will not be despatched until around 10 days before an election, as we have to wait for all candidates to request to stand before postal packs can be printed.

If you will be abroad temporarily

If you will be abroad temporarily on election day (for example on holiday or a work trip) then you can either:

If you’re moving or living abroad

You can only vote in UK Parliament elections. You may be able to vote in referendums. Each referendum has different rules on who can vote in it.

You need to register as an overseas voter.

If you are eligible, you will then need to:

 You will be asked to make this choice when you register.