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Why BCP and why now?


The Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole coastal region enjoys an outstanding natural and urban environment, which makes it a desirable place to live and work at a time when people and businesses are leaving more densely-populated cities and choosing to live life in balance.

Our area is internationally-connected by air and sea and it benefits from our close road and rail connections to London and the central south, and from our position as a gateway to the south west.

We have strong, internationally-recognised economic sectors – from finance and insurance to digital and creative, to tourism and engineering, with our universities providing a steady supply of fresh talent.

We are a wellbeing region by the sea, where people are able to live life in balance as they access all they expect of a modern urban area, as well as enjoy some of Europe’s best beaches, stunning countryside and close proximity to the New Forest and other world heritage sites within easy travelling distance. Now is the right time to invest in our place and our people as we look to rebuild out of the pandemic and drive regeneration across the conurbation on a scale never delivered before.

With a population of more than 400,000, we are now the tenth biggest urban local authority in England. Never before have we had the scale, the ambition and the opportunity to deliver this world-class offer of the UK’s newest emerging coastal region.

The BCP area brings together three distinctive towns with different needs and opportunities and our Big Plan will respect those differences. Bournemouth can build on its economic strengths to become a thriving centre with significant growth opportunity. Christchurch is a place of heritage, character and beauty, which needs a balance of sympathetic investment and protection. And Poole, with its proud maritime and military history, has the sites, the potential and the need for rejuvenation through a focus on world-class regeneration.

BCP Council will lead the implementation of our Big Plan. We will also look to establish joint ventures and other partnerships to help us to achieve these critical projects, focusing on real outcomes with a flexible approach to unlocking delivery.

BCP has a shared vision, we have a Big Plan. By working together – as a council, as partners, as a community – we have the ambition, the drive, the expertise and the means to achieve it.

A Big Plan delivered through leadership, vision and partnership.