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Town Investment Plan


Our £22.7 million Town Investment Plan outlines a place-based approach to the regeneration of Boscombe-Bournemouth, building on established partnerships within the community and uniting those with ambition and passion to do the best for our town.

Boscombe, within the conurbation of Bournemouth, is a thriving urban area with many strengths. It has a growing digital sector, cultural heritage as a seaside resort, some fabulous architecture, emerging creative business sectors and is a hub for higher education, sport and recreation. But despite a decade of committed partnership working, it is still an area of extreme deprivation, in the most deprived 10 per cent of areas in England as measured by the Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2019.

Our plans are harnessing the town’s strong underlying economic potential. Our ambitious Master Plan will see the redevelopment of the Sovereign Shopping Centre to provide a mixed-use neighbourhood, 560 new homes and modern floorspace for the community, business and entertainment sectors.

A new street network will replace the outdated road system to prioritise bus, cycle and pedestrians over cars.

Integral to Boscombe’s renaissance will be a revitalised Royal Arcade, providing much needed floorspace for small businesses, as well creating a unique destination and space for our creative sectors. We are providing training for people to improve skills and improve their job opportunities in the local digital and creative business sectors, to address the underlying issues of unemployment and lower skill levels. The planned investment into the 5G network and associated infrastructure projects is an extension to our existing pilot project in neighbouring Lansdowne and will support existing and new businesses.

South Western Railway are project partners, linked to their franchise commitment to improve accessibility within Pokesdown Station, alongside our own plans to improve the environment around the station and the station approach.