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Equality Action Commission

Our Strategic Equality Leadership Group (SELG) has created a Equality Action Commission.

The commission aims to help improve the way we work with and support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals and communities.

The commission also aims to:

  • review our current practices and what we could do to improve our understanding of the needs and vulnerabilities of BAME communities and individuals
  • review and understand the impact of our public profile and how we can encourage BAME communities and their representatives to engage with us
  • understand the experiences of BAME communities to enable us to take appropriate actions to increase participation, representation and reduce marginalisation.

The commission are expected to be addressing issues including:

  • increasing BAME representation in senior management grades
  • enhancing the range of images used in internal and external communications so that they are more representative of the communities within Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and reflective of the people employed with us  
  • increasing trust and confidence from BAME residents/service users 
  • improving recognition of BAME people amongst recognised community leaders.

The makeup of the group consists of representatives from the administration, opposition, and independent community representatives specifically from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. The commission will meet at least quarterly and updates will be given at each of the quarterly meetings of SELG.

The elected members within the commission are:

The independent members from the community within the commission are:


Will Chakawhata (Chair)


Bernadette MacDonald-Raggett (Deputy Chair)


Jenni Douglas-Todd


Pritheepal Singh

The trade union council nominated representative within the commission is:


Ade Bamgboye

BCP Council Officers will also be providing an advisory role within the commission, and they are: 

  • Graham Farrant (chief executive)
  • Samuel Johnson (policy and performance manager).