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How to shop for and prepare healthy food

Shopping information

Shopping for food can sometimes be a problem, whether it is because you can't get to the shops easily or if you find shopping physically difficult.

Community transport schemes can help you to get to local supermarkets and shops.

Many supermarkets run a Shopping assistance service. Where a member of their staff can help you to shop and pack. You can also order your shopping online and have it delivered from many supermarkets and local stores.

Our directory of services includes Befriending and Good Neighbour schemes that may help you with your shopping.

Supermarket delivery

Most of the major supermarkets offer a delivery service, including:

In-store assistance

Some supermarkets offer help with shopping in their stores. Find your local store to check if they offer this service

Sainsbury's store locator, When you select 'Store details' the shop will list 'Colleague assistance available' under accessibility if the service is available at the branch.

Tesco branches offer help for those with hidden disabilities, and you can also book help in advance.

Waitrose branches provide assistant shopping for customers who need help with their shop. Partners can help collect and pack shopping for customers then accompany them to their car if required. To access this service, speak to a Partner at the Welcome Desk of the store.

Other ways to shop

Sainsbury's offer a telephone shopping service for people who are housebound and cannot travel to the shops or those who cannot manage online shopping by allowing them to make shopping orders over the telephone.

The service is available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, on 0800 328 1700.

Food preparation

There is lots of Equipment available that may help you if you have difficulty preparing or cooking meals, or if you find eating and drinking difficult.