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Following the announcement by Reach South Academy Trust of the proposed closure of Parkfield School we understand that this may be a worrying time for children and families.

We are working with our partners to limit the period of uncertainty. Parents and carers can be reassured to hear that a robust plan is in place to ensure children will receive an offer of an alternative school place in order to provide continuity of education at an Ofsted rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ school.

At this stage in the formal closure process, the Trust has secured a “substantive decision”. This is a step which, in line with Department for Education guidance, starts a formal 4 week listening period where parents and carers and all stakeholders can comment on the proposal.

Listening period 14 June to 12 July 2024

The listening period will run from 14 June to 12 July 2024. At the end of this time, a final decision will be made by the Secretary of State for Education. Comments and contributions during the listening period should be submitted to

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