Update on schools

Following the government's announcement yesterday, local pupils should be returning to school in line with the updated guidance from the Department for Education.

The children of key workers and vulnerable children should be going back to school as planned on 4 January.

Essential work and visits to vulnerable children will continue.

Primary schools should return as normal and these measures do not apply to early years providers.

The new Department for Education guidance states that:

  • in the week commencing 4 January, secondary schools should only provide on-site education to vulnerable children and children of critical workers, and prioritise remote education to those in exam years
  • in the week commencing 11 January, secondary schools should provide on-site education to vulnerable children, children of critical workers and those in exam years, and provide remote education to all other pupils
  • from 18 January, all pupils should return to on-site education.

Schools will inform parents and carers directly about any changes to these arrangements.

Please see the full government guidance for further details.

Posted on Thursday 31 December 2020