Update on evacuation of Iford Bridge Home Park

Posted on Tuesday 18 February 2020

Following advice from the Environment Agency around rising water levels, yesterday evening we made the decision to carry out a voluntary evacuation of Iford Bridge Home Park.

This was due to high water meaning it was likely power would need to be switched off, the presence of water blocking access and to ensure the safety of vulnerable residents.

There are 79 properties on the site and council officers were present until 12:30am to provide support. In addition:

  • 28 property owners accessed the BCP Council Evacuation Centre
  • 8 property owners/13 people were accommodated by the council in local hotels
  • We arranged security overnight at the site due to the number of empty properties
  • We also provided a number of people with transport to access alternative accommodation

The flood warning for Iford Bridge is no longer in force and the evacuation centre is now closed due to the improving situation. No further flooding is currently expected, although we will continue to monitor the area.

Residents have been advised that it is now safe to return back to their homes.