Twin Sails Bridge updated FAQs January 2020

Posted on Thursday 9 January 2020

When are you publishing the independent review of the issues affecting Twin Sails?

Once the independent review has been completed the Council will have to consider the findings and any legal or contractual issues prior to any publication being made.

How many pins, cylinders, pistons are in operation on the Poole and Hamworthy side of the Twin Sails Bridge?

Following a period of test lifting we are operating on two pins on a trial basis. This is being kept under review as the operating system is monitored.

Is there a risk of the bridge breaking down again due to additional strain on the lifting mechanism?

We are taking steps to minimise this risk by operating on two cylinders so the bridge is operating as far as possible as designed. As above this is being kept under review and if required we will revert to single cylinder operation to prevent any further damage to the second pin.