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Plans in place for Kinson, Highcliffe and Broadstone as part of a pilot to revitalise high streets

As part of BCP Council’s High Street and District Centre Strategy to revitalise high streets and district centres across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, three pilot districts were chosen to act as a catalyst for future projects and funding on this strategy. Over the next few months, these three areas will now start to deliver on an agreed list of projects in order to help support the vitality and viability of the local high street.

The activities in the three pilot districts, Kinson, Highcliffe and Broadstone, will all support a number of objectives aimed at enhancing and reimagining local areas. These include creating culturally rich destinations for experiences and events, futureproofing them as Smart Places, ensuring they become cleaner, greener and safer for everyone and marketing and promoting them to showcase their full potential.

Councillor Philip Broadhead, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Development, Growth and Regeneration, BCP Council commented:

“Across the country, high streets and district centres are changing rapidly and we need to move with the times. For some areas, especially our district high streets, this change has been extremely positive, with more people using their local centres than ever before. We want to build on their success and help them to become even better.

“These pilots will help us understand what is needed to enable this reimagining, led by businesses and the community, unlocking a wide variety of uses while catering to a diverse audience as they become fit for the future, creating enjoyable locations for everyone.”

The planned activities range from festivals to local maps and heritage trails as well as improvements to the streetscene and enhanced public art.

Councillor Nigel Brooks, Lead Member for High Street Renaissance, BCP Council commented:

“I am delighted that a list of activities have been identified that will enhance these three pilot areas. They are the blueprint for how we roll out this strategy wider so it’s important that we get them right and produce high quality, engaging projects for everyone to get involved with.

“Creating vibrant economies contributes to the health and wellbeing of our residents and communities by providing security and access to opportunities, so this pilot is paramount in creating enhanced areas for everyone.”

The £102K funding for these pilots has come from the Government’s Additional Restrictions Grant with future funding for the other high streets and district centres, to be reviewed and investigated on completion of these pilot projects later this year.

Posted on Wednesday 23 March 2022