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Before you appeal

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hearing appeals based on written submissions only. You can read more on this decision here.

We recommend that you accept the place you've been offered.

This will not affect your right to submit an appeal or affect your child’s position on a waiting list. It will, however, guarantee that your child has a school place if no places become available at your preferred school.

If you have not already done so, we recommend visiting the offered school or other schools in the area with available places – do not just take the word of others when forming your opinion.

As well as/instead of appealing, you may wish to consider ensuring your child is on the waiting list for your preferred school and any other schools that you may wish to add your child to the list for.

Waiting lists are based on the school’s admissions criteria, not "first come, first served" basis. This means a child’s place on a list can go up or down if other children join or leave the list.

Waiting list positions are not considered by Appeals Panels.

It's sometimes possible to change your child’s allocated school, provided that the alternative school still has vacancies.

Please speak with the School Admissions Team on 01202 127 963 to discuss how to do this.They can also help you with regards to waiting lists for other schools in the area too.

When can I appeal and what can I appeal?

Normally, you'll need to submit your appeal by a certain date.

Read the appeal timetables for community schools.

Timetables for all other schools should be published on the schools' own websites.

For September entry appeals, no appeals can be heard until after the specified closing date. They are normally heard from May through to July on weekdays during term-time only.

If you lodge your appeal after the deadline, it might be that it is not possible to hear your appeal until after the start of the new school year in September.

If you wish to make an appeal for immediate entry, you'll need to lodge your appeal as soon as possible. We'll aim to hear your appeal within 30 school days from the date your appeal is lodged. Again, this will be on a weekday during term-time.

Please note that it is not an appeal against where you’ve been offered, nor is it an appeal against the place planning policy or disagreement with the school’s admissions arrangements (as long as they are legally correct and have been applied correctly) – your legal right of appeal is against a particular admission authority’s refusal of a place for your child. School’s admission policies are determined at least 18 months in advance – the appeals process is not the forum to raise issues with a valid legal admission policy.

It's worth noting that imany popular local schools receive multiple appeals for entry in September. Unless it's proven that the school has spare teachers, budget and/or classrooms to take all the children appealing, any successful appeals will mean adding just some of the children appealing to existing classes and be limited to the children with the most need to attend the school concerned. The school are unable to keep spaces back to allocate at appeals.

You're unable to appeal against your position on the waiting list – this is not relevant to appeal hearings – if you lodge an appeal and it is not successful, your place on the waiting list is unaffected.