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The definitive map

The definitive map records the location and class of all recorded public rights of way. A definitive statement goes with the map and gives the start and end points and sometimes description of the route.

Definitive map duties

BCP Council is the surveying authority for the area.

Our duties are to:

  • maintain the definitive map and statement
  • investigate applications to modify the map and statement on user or document evidence
  • continuously review the map by modification orders
  • make the public aware of their right to apply to modify the map.

Changes to the map

We have powers to make creation, extinguishment or diversion orders of rights of way known as Public Path Orders.

Please contact us by email ( or telephone (01202 128 952) if you think you have evidence to record a public right of way, or if you have evidence to either upgrade or downgrade a path (e.g. from a footpath to a bridleway if you found historic evidence suggesting there was horse riding).

Register of applications for modification orders

James Road - Sheringham Road
Submitted: 11 October 2018
Status: Order confirmed

24-22 Church Street

Submitted: 24th August 2017
Status: Public consultation

Forest Road – Ormonde Road

Submitted: 12 January 2019
Status: Order confirmed

Lilliput Order
Status: Order Confirmed

Hoburne Lane – Verno Lane

Submitted: 2 February 2021
Status: Awaiting consultation

Roman Road – Bridleway 2, Corfe Mullen

Submitted: 14 March 2021
Status: Public consultation

Bridleway 138, Upton

Submitted: 26 April 2022
Status: Awaiting consultation
Creation order

Cooke Road - Bridleway 37, Poole

Submitted: 1 September 2022
Status: awaiting consultation

Further information can be obtained from:

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